Why We Need Change

I love our town. I believe that when we work together, we can solve problems.
— Jean Hopper, Candidate for Carmel Town Board

Twenty years of one-party rule has left Carmel’s town government closed to the average resident. Without checks or oversight, the concerns of taxpayers go unheard and entire communities are unrepresented.

Special Interests getting special treatment, personal agendas driving public policy, and favoring loyalists over locals are all symptoms of a leadership that is accountable to no one.

Jean’s independent voice, fresh perspective and community focus will bring smarter decision making, cleaner policy and wiser tax spending to our town government.

By reaching out to voters, civic organizations, environmental groups and town agencies, Jean will lead the way to achieve fairness, balance the needs of all and represent EVERY resident of Carmel.

It’s our town, let’s fight for it together!