Our waterways are threatened by runoff, rampant deforestation and development and our infrastructure is sagging from neglect. Smart investments, careful planning and a respect for the needs of all will give Carmel the resources it needs without sacrificing our environment or our health.

To protect our water, green spaces and our parks, Jean will:

  • Implement agency checklists that mandate code enforcement at every level. Lake districts are especially vulnerable to unchecked septic, sewer and wastewater runoff.

  • Pass regulations that hold our town agencies accountable for these checklists with scheduled inspections.

  • Educate businesses and homeowners regarding fertilizers, pesticides, drainage and septic management, in order to protect our beautiful lakes and clean drinking water.

  • Introduce new rules to track and document material sourcing for fill and building materials for ALL town projects.

There can be no questions when it comes to protecting our water and our health, Jean will be a fierce protector of our precious town resources.