Who is watching out for our wallets?

Carmel taxes go up every year, with little or no new services provided. We can do better.

Carmel needs to grow to keep taxes low, but we need to decide how to grow. Crowding in housing and wishing for big-box stores is not the answer. We need to nurture SMART, ethical growth. Making sure that our businesses can flourish, our residents can shop in town and our homeowners can afford their taxes for the LONG TERM is the right way to grow.

Jean will be a fighter for common sense changes that will protect our wallets and add value to our town ethically and intelligently by:

  • Examining every resolution before voting.

  • Seeking out grant money aggressively through a variety of state and federal programs like Climate Smart Communities

  • Minimizing wasteful and expensive litigation

  • Ending no bid contracts and rolling contract approvals and puting out proposals for competitive bids EVERY year.

  • Ending the reliance on overpriced contractors to perform basic government functions

Jean will be watching every penny.