Creating a Carmel for EVERYONE


Where can you go to buy a toy for your niece’s birthday? Where can your kids take swimming lessons? Where can your in-laws stay when they come to town to visit?

Without retail opportunities, indoor recreation and basic hospitality services, this town does not provide the quality of life we deserve.

We face a stark choice moving forward and the stakes are high:

We can clear-cut our forests, throw up cheap condos that clog up our roads, jack up taxes on our lakefront residents, and patch-repair our crumbling water systems without adding value to our community.


We can pursue SMART growth, to entice and reward small businesses, update zoning and building codes to protect our home investments and focus on lasting infrastructure development to enrich our way of life, enhance revenue, and reduce taxes.

We need a Master Plan that reflects our VALUES to direct the smart growth that will bring us a better Carmel. Jean will work with our Chamber of Commerce, Highway Department, County and State Agencies to navigate funding sources, craft new standards for vetting and documenting development and vigorously enforce fair rules and regulations.

By providing spaces for recreation, enticing small business and bringing our wonderful community together, Jean will make Carmel a great place to live not just for us, but for the next generation as well.